Fiber wall coatings

Highest quality fiber wall coating materials made in Japan

A fiber wall is a kind of wall coating material, developed and spread in Japan after World War II. The material itself is made up of cotton fibers, synthetic fibers and bonding medium. Sometimes the colored or metallic threads, pulps or micas are added for design purpose.

Applying fiber coating is as easy as plastering. It only requires mixing the compound with water and spreading it on the wall with a steel trowel to make a thin layer of 1mm. Once the covering gets fixed on the wall, the fiber layer starts functioning as a thermal insulator and acoustic absorber.

Fiber wall coating is applicable to residences, restaurants, hotels, museums and commercial buildings in general.

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Sample Image

All fiber coating materials are made to order. Some samples are shown below; however, we always appreciate your inquiries regarding the colors and design patterns.

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Product information

Product Cotton / synthetic fiber wall coating material (繊維壁 sen-i-kabe)
Ingredients Cotton fiber
Synthetic fiber
Colored threads
Delivery date Production to order - approximately within 60 days
Minimum order amount 100 bags (800 grams per bag; equivarent to 3.3 m2)
Product samples and price estimate Please contact our person in charge via email:
(or please use the contact form instead)

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